Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions:


Why a Virtual Market? 

We’re pivoting our business model to adapt to current needs and plan to throw one heck of a virtual party! 


Do I need to upload Images to your site?

Nope! We’re keeping this easy breezy. You will send us an image (Collage would be best!!) and that will be the face of your brand. We’ll be utilizing three forms of marketing to make sure that if someone missed you in one place, they’re sure to see you on another one. 


Is this just for vendors in the GTA?

Oh no, Honey! THIS IS CANADA-WIDE! The beauty of going virtual, is being able to bring all of Canada’s BEST vendors together to form these EPIC Shopping parties


How are you advertising this?

We advertise across our social channels (Mommunity and Mommunity Market) + Paid Instagram Posts + Paid Facebook Posts + we encourage all vendors to share to their social channels 

OK, I’m interested. But,  How does this work?

Step 1. Fill out an application Here 

Step 2. Wait to receive an Invoice 

Step 3. Submit your Image,  Link and Promo Offer (If Applicable) Here

Step 4. Just wait till Market Day and get ready to accept orders in your PJ’s. 

Step 5. Ship those orders


How much does this cost?

It’s only $40!


How Often do you run these?

We’re going to let our audience decide! We love that we can host these from our PJ’s and hope that makes it way more accessible for most vendors. We also think our shoppers are going to LOVE this experience 


Wait. Does this mean your not hosting In Person Markets?

Oh GOSH NO!! Our In person markets are where we connect in real life. But, we had to adjust and adapt to whats happening in the world. Don’t worry. We’ll be back!


So, Are you ready? Sign Up Here