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November 30 & December 1

All the way from Barrie, Northern Wood Shop is excited to be apart of the Mommunity Holiday Market. We can make just about anything custom and perfect for your space. From holiday décor to the perfect porch signs and all the way back to NHL custom wall art. We look forward to meeting Vaughan and the market! Check out and follow my Instagram @Northernwoodshop to place orders for anything to do with wood! 

Vendor Spotlight


Symone Kelly is an online women's boutique serving up the hottest trends of the season. At this months market you'll find fun fall fedora's, clothing and accessories 

Vendor Spotlight


At only $25 each, these Agate Crystal Pop sockets are the easiest way to add some glam and love to your mobile device. 

You can shop a wide assortment in person at the market on August 25th

Vendor Spotlight


Babies have a real affinity with water, and because they’ve spent 9 months floating in the womb, being in warm water feels much more familiar to them than being on dry land. However, this early confidence usually diminishes with time, and can even turn to fear. That’s one of the main reasons why we believe in starting them early. But we never swim a baby against their wishes, and we always incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socializing into our lessons, so you can be sure that a Water Baby is a happy baby.

We Teach Babies to Swim Underwater!

Going underwater plays a big part in developing your little one’s confidence. And for parents, this is often the most exciting bit — watching your baby glide towards you as you hover beneath the water’s surface! But as important and exciting as going underwater is, it’s only a very tiny part of the work we do. About 95% of the lesson is on the surface, and going under only ever lasts a few seconds.

Our method of introducing babies to underwater swimming is very gentle, gradual and carefully controlled. Babies do have natural reflexes, preventing water entering their lungs when their faces are submerged. Although we capitalize on the gag reflex by using easily and reapting understandable voice commands, we essentially train our Water Babies to control their breathing before any reflex is stimulated. Babies quickly become familiar with the way we work and are soon able to recognise the commands which precipitate an underwater swim. This, combined with the fact that we’ll never swim a baby against their wishes, helps to develop the confidence you see among our tiny clients. Watch the clip on our YouTube page to see this in practice!